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Church History



In retrospect:

It was in year 1845, a prayer meeting was organized by the L.M.S. Missionary Rev.John Cox and Catcehist Arulandam in the house of Mr. Perinpamuthu of Vadakkethaithottam. Hence it is believed that the C.S.I. Thozhukkal was founded by the Rev. John Cox in 1845. The Lord had used several men and with their farent and coutinious work this congregation had grown in the present form. We gratefully remember the effert of M/s Arulappan, Anpudayan, Kanchanam, Meyyarvilar, Nathaniel Kainitham who were servicing as church workers during the formative period. From the available records it is undertood that Deacons were sering in this congregation from 1866.

It was in the year 1905 Evg. Levi Marshikam shifted the church in the present campus, Thozhukkal from Chemparathivila. A primary school was started in 1926 to provide education for the local community. The persons who joined in the church are given below.

Evg. Gnanashikhamony Sailayam 1926-1928
Evg. Gabriel 1928-1934
Evg. John 1934-1936
Evg. Isac 1936-1937
Evg. M.Joseph 1937-1940
Evg. Gamaliel 1940-1946
Evg. A. Isac B.A, BD 1946-1952
Evg. James Nathaniel 1952-1954
Evg. S.M. Rossbery 1954-1955
Evg. Samuel 1955-1957
Rev. S. Nessiah LTh 1957-1961
Rev. E. Haris B.A, BD 1961-1965
Rev. N. Joseph LTh 1965-1970
Rev. M. Joseph LTh 1970
Evg. Jenefer M.A 1970-1971
Evg. A. Simon B.A 1971-1972
Rev. V.E. Russel LTh 1972-1977
Rev. D. Kesari B.A, GTh 1977-1982
Rev.L.John B.A, BD 1982-1986
Rev. Wilson Mosses B.D 1986-1991
Rev. S. Israel B.D 1991-1996
Rev. D.L. Agastin B.A, BD 1996-2001
Rev. Prinston Ben M.A, BD, MTh 2001-2005
Rev. K.P. Suresh Kumar B.A, BD 2004-2006
(Assistant pastor)
Rev. D.L. Holy Garland B.A, BD 2005-2010
Rev. Francis BTh (Assistant Pastor) 2006-2011
Rev. M. Victor John B.A, BD 2010-2014
Rev.C.P.Edmond Roy 2011-2016
Rev.Dr.D.David 2014-
Rev.L.V.Bipinlal 2016-

Former Secretaries:

Sri. M.L. Paramanandam 1945-1951
Sri. J.J. Chellathampy BSc 1951-1974
Sri. P.Samuel Teacher 1947-1986
Sri. J.John Jose 1986-1992
Sri. Y. Victor M.A. Bed 1992-2001
Sri. S. Sathya Moorthy 2001-2004
Sri. J.John Jose 2004-2007
Sri. J. Vijaya Raj 2007-2013
C.S.Santhoshkumar 2013-2016

Important Milestones / Land Marks.

1946 Pastrate Church 6th Feb 1968 Laid the foundation stone of the present Chuch by the Rt. Rev. A.H. Legg M.A, BD in the presence of Most Rev. Dr. Margregorios Arch Bishop of sirian Malankara Church, Thiruvanathapuram 29th Aug 1971 Dedicated the Church by the Rt. Rev. Wilson Paul Vachalan Bhisop 8th May 1988 Laid the foundation of the present parsonage by the Most Rev. Dr. I.Jesudasan B.D, MTh, STm, D.D Moderator C.S.I 6th Aug 1989 Dedicated the ground floor of the parsonage by the Most Dr. I.Jesudasan Moderator C.S.I 9th March 1991 Dedicated by the first floor of the parsonage by Rt. Rev. Dr. Samuel Amirtham M.A, BD, DTh, D.D. Bishop 29th Oct 1993 Started Tabitha Stitching Centre Sponsered Ms. Suma Thomas as missionary to Ettoor Nagaram Inauguration of Triple jubilee of the Church by Rt. Rev. Dr. Laurance Mar Aprem Audiliary Bishop of Syrian Malankara church Thiruvanathapuram in the presents of Mr. Babu Paul I.A.S Laid the foundation stone of Triple Jubilee Auditorium by to Rev. Dr. Samuel Amirtham Bishop 20th Aug 2000 Dedication of T.J. Auditorium by the Rt.Rev. Dr. J.W. Gladston Bishop M.A, BD, DTh started monthly free Medical Camp Launched Small savings Scheme 1 May 2004 Two Workship on Sundays Dedicated the Second Parsonage by Rt.Rev.Dr. J.W. Gladston Bishop Old Age Penssion scheme, Men’s Fellowship, Ward Meetings, Happy Home Project, Shelter to the Proof, News Letters


1. Supporting two missionaries M/S Suma Thomas and C. Tankapan
2. Adopted Kannaigum a Village in Andra Predesh for
3. Undertook construction of a new church of Chemmannuvila
4. Penssion for the aged belonging to the poor and marginalized
5. Happy family ministry provides and for families
6. Tabitha stitching centre
7. Institute of information Technology
8. Small saving scheme

Organs of the Church:

1. Junior Christian Endaver
2. Youth fellowship
3. Women’s fellowship
4. Sunday school
5. Men’s fellowship
6. Church choir

After 164 years, the congregation has grown in to a fullfledged one with 597 families and 967 communicated members. We pay tributes to those who had toiled and worked for the development of the congregation.

Present Church Committee

1. Rev.Dr.D.David - Presedent
2. Rev. L.V.Bipinlal - Assistant Pastor
3. N.Jesudasan- Secretary
4. L.Rajan- Accountant
5. Y.Victor, Decon Emeritus
6. K.Micle
7. D.S.Sam Jayakumar
8. Sam.A.Binoraj
9. D.Vincent
10. Y.M.Bibu
11. Amal Mohan
12. Adv.S.J.Prabin 13. Leela Stephen
14. D.Moly


No. of families :
No. of communities :
No. of children :
No. of Graduates :
No. of Post Graduates :
No. of Engineers :
No. of Doctors :
No. of Teachers :
No. of Others :


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